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Research Group
"Mathematical and Computational Optimization"


Workshop: Advances in Nonlinear Optimization


Note that prior to this workshop there is a preceeding 3 day compact course.


The workshop will be jointly organized by the work groups of Stefan Körkel and Sebastian Sager.

Preliminary Program:

Time Thursday, February 10th, 2011
09h00-09h15 Welcome
09h15-10h15 Florian Jarre: Elementary optimality conditions for nonlinear semidefinite programs
10h15-10h45 Torsten Bosse: Nonlinear programming with total quasi-Newton methods
10h45-11h00 Coffee break
11h00-12h00 Moritz Diehl: The lifted Newton method and its use for nonlinear optimization
12h00-12h45 Mario Mommer: Fast numerical methods for sampling design
12h45-14h15 Lunch
14h15-15h15 Christian Kanzow: Mathematical programs with equilibrium constraints: Optimality conditions and relaxation methods
15h15-15h45 Andreas Potschka Improving reliability of a parametric active set method for QPs
15h45-16h15 Coffee break
16h15-16h45 Christian Kirches: A parametric active set method for a class of mathematical programs with vanishing constraints
16h45-17h45 Oliver Stein: On gemstones and maneuverability problems: applications of modern design centering techniques
18h00- Workshop Dinner


Slides are available on this password restricted page for participants.

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