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Research Group
"Mathematical and Computational Optimization"


Block Course: Nonlinear Optimization


  • Date: February 7 - February 10, 2011
  • Place: IWR, Heidelberg (Lectures in INF 368, Room 432, Practical Sessions in INF 350, Room U011)
  • Program outline: 3/2 days theoretical tutorial, 3/2 days practical (hands on)
  • Follow up workshop on Thursday, February 10, 2011
  • Target group: MathComp doctoral students, advanced master students with experience in numerics and optimization, participants of the EMBOCON project.


The course will be jointly organized by the work groups of Stefan Körkel and Sebastian Sager.

Preliminary Program

Time Monday, 7.2. Tuesday, 8.2. Wednesday, 9.2.
09h00-10h00 Sager/Körkel: Introduction Sager: Unconstrained Optimization Körkel: Globalization
10h00-10h15 Coffee break
10h15-11h15 Körkel: Derivative free optimization Körkel: Constrained Optimization Sager: Interior Point Methods
11h15-11h30 Coffee break
11h30-12h30 Sager: Linear Programming Körkel: Sequential Quadratic Programming Sager: Mixed-integer Nonlinear Programming
12h30-14h00 Lunch
14h00-18h00 Practical exercises: Octave Practical exercises: AMPL Practical exercises: case studies


Slides are available on this password restricted page for participants. An evaluation of the participants' feedback has been performed.

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